Free Webinar: How to Find the Right Product For Online Stores & Amazon FBA

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Webinar Host Fredrik Gronkvist


Fredrik Gronkvist is a leading expert in product development and manufacturing in Asia. He has contributed to hundreds of articles, and been featured, on ChinaImportal, Global Sources, Alibaba, Quartz Magazine, Bloomberg and more.

A product is no longer just a product. Regardless of whether you plan to launch a Crowdfunding campaign, Shopify store or sell on Amazon - you need to think product + marketing + brand.

In this webinar, the host shares his insights from more than a decade of working closely with e-commerce companies and Amazon sellers in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific. This is a must for anyone who wants to launch a successful product in 2019 and beyond.

This is covered

1. What works and what doesn’t in e-commerce today?

2. Why you should create a focus on one product only

3. How to make your product stand out

4. Case study: Daniel Wellington

5. Product research tools: Jungle Scout,,,

6. Marketing 101: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon PPC

7. PPC Budgets & Example

The lessons you will learn can be applied to the following categories:

1. Textiles

2. Watches & Accessories

3. Home Products

4. Electronics

5. Toys & Children's Products

6. Beauty Products

7. Sports & Fitness has been quoted or mentioned in

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The Webinar is held at 11 AM and 7 PM

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Questions & Answers

How long is the webinar?

Around an hour.

Can I download the Webinar slides?

Yes. After you sign up for the Webinar, you will receive an email with download instructions for the Webinar slides (PDF format). Notice that the slides are provided free of charge, but require that you sign up to our email list. The slides are optional.

Note: Check your SPAM / JUNK mail folder if you did not receive the Webinar Slides email. You will probably find them there.

Why is the number of attendees limited to 100?

Our policy is to respond to every single question we receive during the Webinar. Given that we normally receive questions from around a third of the attendees, we need to limit the number of people that can attend.

Can I ask questions during the Webinar?

Yes, you can use the message box to send us messages during the presentations. All questions will be answered the day after the Webinar. 

What kind of questions can we ask during the Webinar?

Anything that relates to buying from Asia, including and our team members. We promise that we read and respond to every question, so fire away! We normally respond within 24 hours.

Do I need any software to attend the Webinar? 

No, you only need a web browser.

Does it cost anything to attend? 

No, the Webinar is free of charge.

Do you provide a recording of this webinar?

No, you must show up at the scheduled time to watch the Webinar.

Do you send reminders before the Webinar starts?

Yes, you will receive two reminder emails before the Webinar starts.