Webinar: Product Compliance For Importers & Amazon Sellers

11 AM and 7 PM I Time: Around 45 minutes

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Webinar Host Fredrik Gronkvist


Fredrik Gronkvist is a Swedish entrepreneur with years of experience working with manufacturers in Asia. He has also shared his expertise with Alibaba Insights, Global Sources, Bureau Veritas InSpec, the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board, the South China Morning Post, and many others.

In this webinar, I will introduce you to the basics of safety standards, substance restrictions, labeling, certification, and lab testing requirements for essentially any consumer product. 

Which countries does the webinar apply to?

We focus on the EU and the USA. However, the general concepts still apply to the UK, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

Which products does the webinar cover?

The examples mainly cover textiles, electronics, kitchen products, and children's products. Still, what you will learn can still be applied to almost any consumer product. 

Webinar Presentation Overview

Part 1: Product Compliance Basics

  • Safety standards
  • Substance regulations
  • Documentation/Certification
  • Lab testing
  • Labeling requirements
  • Which products are regulated?

Part 2: US Product Regulations/Standards

  • CPSIA: Children’s Products
  • California Proposition 65
  • Other US regulations/standards

Part 3: EU Product Regulations/Standards

  • CE Marking
  • Other EU regulations/standards

Part 4: Amazon Seller Requirements

  • Test reports
  • Documentation
  • How sellers fail

Part 5: Product Compliance Info Tool

You will also see a demo of our product compliance information tool, and learn how it can help your business.

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