Free Webinar: How to Get Your Product Manufactured in Asia

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Webinar Host Fredrik Gronkvist


Fredrik Gronkvist is a leading expert in product development and manufacturing in Asia. He has contributed to hundreds of articles, and been featured, on ChinaImportal, Global Sources, Alibaba, Quartz Magazine, Bloomberg and more.


This webinar covers the step-by-step process of importing custom designed and private label products from Asia - be it China, Vietnam, India, or elsewhere. The webinar is based on a real-life case study, helping a customer manufacture watches in Shenzhen.

This is covered

1. How to create your product specification (e.g. materials, design, logos)

2. How to find the right supplier in China, Vietnam, or India

3. How to get offered the right price and avoid paying too much

4. How to order product samples

5. How to place your order and pay your supplier (without getting scammed)

6. How to book quality checks and lab tests has been quoted or mentioned in

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